As we take a breath from the relentless nature of 2020, what might Church Comms teams need to expect from 2021?

Although no one knows for sure, I have a few thoughts on what we may see, so that we can ponder and prepare for the coming year. This is a summary, rather than an exhaustive list or a complete unpacking, but you might find this helpful…


Churches will need a continued intentionally as they stream their services, even when all restrictions are lifted. One emphasis shift here is making permanent provision for digital teams who will welcome, host, provide…

A short story of how our campervan broke down in the south of France and why this didn’t ruin our holiday. Written in September 2018.

The plan was clear. Five countries in just over three weeks, driving a converted AA VW van, with two children. What could possibly go wrong?

A few years ago we spent a rainy weekend working out if we could afford to buy a campervan. Our detailed spreadsheet showed the price of summer holidays, plus the cost of a vehicle vs the cost of a campervan, maintenance and campsites. …

Hybrid-church has become the hot new phrase, coined out of necessity during COVID-19, but in reality, English football has had a hybrid approach since 1946, so what can we learn from 74 years of hybrid-football?

Firstly, what do I mean by hybrid? I mean something that has one foot in physical and one foot in digital. At times you may be physically present, at others you might be digitally present, it’s neither fully one or fully the other. …

Last night, I was scrolling through Instagram, when I saw an advert for a new streaming service from Showcase Cinemas: ‘Showcase at home.’

A common question is: ‘how do you rest from work, with so much of our lives online?’ As someone who works in Church Communications, it’s something I’ve been exploring for several years and have learnt a thing or two about this.

The reality for many of us who work in Comms might look like: If you switch on Facebook you have work notifications, if you go to Twitter someone has tagged you in something work-related and there are also ten articles you need to read to make you better at your job; if you head over to Instagram you’ll see…

Every job is made easier with the right tools, so here is a list of the 46 tools that my team and I use every week to get the Comms job done: software, apps, extensions and plugins.

These focus on OSX, iOS and Chrome, as those are the vehicles we use, but most of these also have other options available on Android, PC, Safari and Firefox.

It’s not a definitive list and some of these are a personal choice from a range of wonderful options, but we hope this might introduce you to a new workflow or some options to…

Have you seen numbers for online church rise, fall and now steadily increase?

‘Whilst some customer habits will return to normal, others have changed forever.’

This could be the words of any church leader, instead, it’s the words of Steve Rowe, M&S CEO. A UK-based retail company, who sell food and clothing.

Let’s see what else he said, and adjust some of his words to pretend he’s talking about church, just for fun, and read into whatever you will :)

M&S: The pandemic has driven several changes, including a shift to online, customers cooking more from scratch and buying more casual clothing.

Church: The pandemic has driven several changes, including a shift to…

I have been asked this question frequently over the last few weeks and have some cursory thoughts, which are purely personal but might be helpful to others. The truth is that no one knows at this stage, we can see indicators and other nations who are ahead of the UK, but time frames and numbers of gatherings are a slight unknown at this stage — as each nation is very different, so this is purely a hint at what I think I see coming.

Although written with a communications hat on, this passes into areas where I am not an…

In the summer of 2019, I created some resources with my friends at CPO and filmed videos with Elizabeth Neep from SPCK, with the aim of supplementing the content from my book.

In the midst of the coronavirus, here is a video and short guide to creating a communications strategy for your church.

Creating a communications strategy

‘Strategy’ is a word that can stand in the way of what you want to achieve, but to break it down, Strategy is quite simply a misused word that means the details, methods and plans needed to achieve your goals.

In our planning we need to…

Mark Crosby

Writing about Church Communications, digital culture and our relationship with tech. Author of ‘So Everyone Can Hear: Communicating Church in a Digital Culture’

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